[email protected] / ORIGIN - CERN Indico

29 Nov 2019 ... “Art&Science” Balloon Museum Chateau d'Oex/ CH. Through the opening of the exhibition: Guided tours lectures. Junior Scientist booklet ...

[email protected] / ORIGIN - CERN Indico - Srodni dokumenti

[email protected] / ORIGIN - CERN Indico

29 Nov 2019 ... “Art&Science” Balloon Museum Chateau d'Oex/ CH. Through the opening of the exhibition: Guided tours lectures. Junior Scientist booklet ...

Sarah Aretz CERN - CERN Indico

Cosmology. A short introduction. Sarah Aretz. CERN. Page 2. What is cosmology all about? Κοσμολογία = study of the world description of the origin, evolution.

Антиматерия - CERN Indico

28 юли 2015 ... Антиматерия. Петър Ванков. ЦЕРН, 28.07.2015. “Antimatter”, Peter Vankov, CERN Bulgarian Teachers Programme 2015 ...

Kosmologija - CERN Indico

... pozadinsko zračenje. 3. Nukleosinteza, predvidjanje relativnih koncentracija lakih hemijskih elemenata. Konzistentna slika evolucije svemira ... Hvala na pažnji!

workshop - CERN Indico

The initial approach was to start from the geometry of the ANITA ... The dimensions of the ANITA target is a cylindrical disc with 5.0 cm ... 11, and P. Žugec. 12.

The SAMPA chip - CERN Indico

SAMPA chip. 6. Alice Upgrades for Run3 (>2021). ALICE is successfully running since 2010. • TPC electronics limited @500Hz readout during PbPb runs.

Libera instruments - CERN Indico

Libera BPM family. ○. COFB examples. ○. COFB algorithms & GDX module. ○. Current limitations (BW, latency). ○. Discussion: Future outlook (BPMs, FPGA ...

Uvod u kozmologiju - CERN Indico

1 tra 2015 ... Kozmologija Velikog praska. ▷ Globalni pogled: ▫ Svemir je nastao prije oko 12 – 14 milijardi godina. ▫ Dio svemira koji sada vidimo bio je tada ...

Детекторы частиц - CERN Indico

Многопроволочная пропорциональная камера. Идея разместить много ... Время-проекционная камера. TPC ... считываются HPD (B = 4T!) 2 x 18 клинье ...

Stavros Moiras - CERN Indico

26 Aug 2015 ... Dragoart.com. Page 10. 100dialysis.wordpress.com. Page 11. medicaldesignandoutsourcing.com. Page 12. lucero-project.info. Page 13 ...

CHIPP19 - Outreach - CERN Indico

3 Jul 2019 ... to keep an eye on: new media: instagram, facebook, twitter some activities ongoing, ... Video produced by Barbara Gallavotti ... [email protected]

Detector development - CERN Indico

5 Apr 2019 ... (slide 2). April 5, 2019. RECFA visit to Ljubljana. Samo Korpar. Univ. of Maribor and J. Stefan Institute. Photodetector R&D and. Belle II & LHCb ...

ttW/Z measurements in ATLAS and CMS - CERN Indico

UNIVERSITEIT. GENT. Measured ttW/Z cross sections @ 13 TeV. 3 ... Still large (statistical) uncertainties in particular for ttW ... ttW signal sample & cross section.

PERLE @ Orsay - CERN Indico

15 Jan 2018 ... LAL organized PERLE @ Orsay workshop in February 23-24th 2017. ▫ [email protected] was presented at ERL 2017 conference and meet a ...

RAL Site Report - CERN Indico

RAL Site Report. HEPiX Spring 2018. University of Wisconsin - Madison. 14-18 May 2018. Martin Bly,. STFC UK Research and Innovation ...

Uvod u astročestičnu fiziku - CERN Indico

28 ožu 2018 ... Pljusak čestica. 23 ... Pljusak čestica. 45 ... Pulsed and bridge emission from pulsar. Depending of the angle of view. One see two pulses or one ...

QCD (jet physics, precision test of QCD) - CERN Indico

dijet LO has always Δφ jj. = π. - deviations through multi-jets. 3-jet NLO. 4-jet. LO multi-jet. Comparison to fixed-order. PQCD. → need multijet. NLO. Comparison.

PERLE @ Orsay_Introduction and status - CERN Indico

PERLE @ Orsay: Introduction and Status. Walid Kaabi-LAL/CNRS. CERN, September 11th 2017. LHeC and FCC-eh Workshop ...

Jet measurements, alpha_s and PDF results from CMS - CERN Indico

2 Sep 2015 ... dijet LO configuration is always Δφ jj. = π. - deviations through multijet production. 3-jet NLO. 4-jet. LO multi-jet. Comparison to fixed-order.

AI and Machine Learning at ASOS.com - CERN Indico

2016 ASOS ltd all rights reserved. • British online fashion retailer with our global HQ in Camden. • 16.5 mil active customers worldwide. • ASOS.com is the most ...

Введение в физику частиц 1 - CERN Indico

11 ноя 2018 ... Куда подевалась антиматерия?? Игорь Иванов (IST ОИЯИ). Введение в ФЭЧ 1. Школа ОИЯИ-ЦЕРН, 4-11/11/ ...

Electric Dipole Moments - CERN Indico

4 Nov 2015 ... Moment of 199Hg. B. Graner, Y. Chen, E. G. Lindahl, and B. R. Heckel. Arxiv. Electric Dipole Moments: A Global Analysis. By Timothy Chupp ...

Photon and dilepton observables: Experimental ... - CERN Indico

10 Feb 2017 ... Mihael Makek. Zimányi school 2016. □. Dielectron excess in the LMR well described by the coarse-graining model. (Endres, van Hees ...

Procuring 50 Tonnes of Underground Argon for DS-20k - CERN Indico

23 Feb 2018 ... Doe Canyon Kinder Morgan Facility, Cortez, CO, USA. 10 ... PSA: Pressure Swing Adsorption is based on gas / solid selective adsorption.

Cherenkov radiation in medical imaging - CERN Indico

9 Sep 2016 ... Samo Korpar. Univ. of Maribor and J. Stefan Institute. Cherenkov radiation in medical imaging. Outline: ○ Cherenkov radiation in PET ...

RAR (Radial Acceleration Relation): is it valid? - CERN Indico

Dubrovnik, October 22 2018. Chiara Di Paolo nd. C. Di Paolo ... Gravitational acceleration. Rotating systems. V (r) r stellar disc bulge. HI gaseous disc. DM halo ...

Uvod u Fiziku elementarnih čestica - CERN Indico

Vuko Brigljević. Institut Ruđer Bošković, Zagreb ... V. Brigljević. Introduction to LHC Physics. 2. Što znamo ... V. Brigljević, I. Puljak. 9. ➢Pitanje broj 1: Od čega se ...

Jet Image: Deep Learning Edition - CERN Indico

Pythia 8, W'. /GeV < 260 GeV, 65 < mass/GeV < 95. T. 240 < p. Rotate,. Re-grid! & Flip. -process anslate otate ixelate) signal. - - ries of space-time. Py. [GeV]. T.


6 lip 2019 ... DR MLADENU DEŽELIĆU ,KEMIJA. PROF. BRANISLAVU GALEBU ,FIZIKA. Projektant : Akademik Juraj Neidhardt. Objekat je završen 1965, ...

Nucleon-to-Roper Electromagnetic Transition Form ... - CERN Indico

Non-perturbative QCD: Confinement and DCSB. DSE gap equation for the dressed-quark propagator: Emergent phenomena playing a dominat role in the ...

Hard Disk Drive - Reliability Overview - CERN Indico

Macroscopic objects at molecular dimensions: Head-disk Interface b. Critical Parameters: ... times. 2. For the drives out in the field, develop a predictive analysis for failures. QUESTIONS ... (Google: Pinheiro et al., Proc. 5th USENIX Conf. on ...

Введение в физику элементарных частиц лекция 1 - CERN Indico

Для чего нужны ускорители элементарных частиц? Протон кварки в протоне. Рассмотрим различные сотношения между длиной волны фотона и ...

A New Model for Sterile Neutrino Dark Matter - CERN Indico

Can the active neutrinos compose DM? The light active neutrinos are an example of Hot DM. If they composed all of DM, their free-streaming effect would wash ...

Development of a multichannel FPGA based high ... - CERN Indico

15 Jun 2018 ... Demand for low cost and high resolution TDC (HR-TDC) for TOF and an ... Bin width calibration (2). LUT. 0. 20. 40. 60. 80. 100. 120. 140. 160.

Shoji Asaia,b, So Chigusaa, Toshiaki Kajic, Takeo ... - CERN Indico

29 May 2019 ... Shoji Asaia,b, So Chigusaa, Toshiaki Kajic, Takeo Moroia,. Masahiko Saitoa, Ryu Sawadab, Junichi Tanakab,. Koji Terashib, Kenta Unoa.

cern-thesis-2011-078 - CERN Document Server

7 Dec 2011 ... catches clones which share hits and is used to discard short versions of tracks (e.g. ... interactions are in Figures 5.8 (all long reconstructible tracks), 5.9 (long reconstructible ... [7] K Nakamura and Particle Data Group. “Review ...

title of presentation - Indico at ESA / ESTEC (Indico)

Image source: dragoart.com. Terrestrial. AM. Aim A. • Roadmap proposes about 30 types of parts (AIM A). • Roadmap proposes technology developments (Aims ...

The Origin of the VA Motto - VA.gov

President Lincoln framed his speech on the moral and religious implications of ... Simply the words of Abraham Lincoln, to care for him who shall have borne the.

On Computer Security - CERN

An attack for more security (2017) . ... Protect your plant: a "serious game" about control system cyber-security (2015) . ... Improve your code with Gitlab CI (2017) . ... installing dedicated anti-malware detection apps like those offered by Avast ... II/III unique serial number intended to do the same (see this CNN article). Also ...

Hrvatska i CERN - CARNet

Eva Ravnić. Vinkovci. Nedeljko Begović. Vukovar. Karolina Dvojković. Daruvar. Josip Prević. Petrinja. Bernarda Boček Beloglavec. Koprivnica. Marina Furkes.

Ana Hudomal - Indico - IPB

Биографија Ане Худомал. Ана Худомал je ... Ana Hudomal,1 Ivana Vasic,1 Hrvoje Buljan,2 Walter Hofstetter,3 and Antun Balaž1. 1Scientific ... VD and AH thank Aleksandar Bojarov, Marija Janković and Srdjan Marjanović, for their help.

The Hebrew Origin of Serbs

102 Branko Gavela, Praistorijska arheologija, Naučna knjiga, Beograd, 1982. Page 96. 96 about Serbs' origin, but it also confirms the connection.

On the Origin of Genera - jstor

It is compiled from the works of Meckel, Rathke, Barkow, MuUler, Hyrt),. Briloke, Stannius and others, in connection with numerous dissections. f Professor ...

The origin of films in VOD catalogues - Coe Share of other European films. Figure 123 - Netflix – Share of other European films by country, in %. Source: European Audiovisual Observatory.


ORIGIN, DEVELOPMENT AND FUTURE OF SPINTRONICS by Albert Fert. Unité Mixte de Physique CNRS/Thales, 91767, Palaiseau, and Université Paris-Sud, ...

Cosmological Tension between CMB and SZ - Indico

M. Douspis, 11/10/2017, SZ Cosmology, DE, Orsay. SZ cosmology. 3. SZ BAO. CMB x3. Planck SZ Tension ! Planck 2014 XX showed: idem : Planck 2015 XXIV.

Презентация PowerPoint - Indico

modern data readout systems. 6. Stepan Vereschagin, INSTR17, BINP, Novosobirsk ... SAMPA[3,4] based electronics ... SAMPA design is under considering. 8.

EXFOR - Indico - ICTP

30 Oct 2015 ... Our CD-ROMs distribution. – ... Basic principals of the IAEA-NDS nuclear data IT systems. –. NDS CD-ROM Database Retrieval Systems. 5.

Origin of Cave Saltpeter - jstor

15 Sep 1980 ... Nitrogen and phosphorus analyses from the limestones and floor deposits of Dixon Cave, Mammoth. Cave National Park, Kentucky (a saltpeter ...

The origin and age of the metamorphic sole from the Rogozna Mts ...

3. 1 Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum Engineering, University of Zagreb, Pierottijeva 6,. HR-10000 Zagreb, Croatia ([email protected]). 2.

The Origin of the VA Motto - Veterans Affairs

President Lincoln framed his speech on the moral and religious implications of ... Simply the words of Abraham Lincoln, to care for him who shall have borne the.

On the Origin of the Moldavian Csángós - jstor

took place in the reign of Bela IV, before I250, within the context of the Hungarian King's defensive measures against a second Mongol onslaught. In such a case ...

The origin of the peculiarities of the Vietnamese alphabet - HAL-SHS

17 Dec 2013 ... The missionaries who adapted the Latin alphabet to Vietnamese were. Portuguese, Italian and French. The resulting spelling inherited some.

toward a possible origin of the “missale romano-spalatense”

Zagreb. Izvleček: Narodna knjižnica v Budimpešti hrani. t. i. missale romano-spalatense, rimski misal, ki so ga uporabljali dominikanci v Dalmaciji in je obenem ...

Origin of films and TV content in VOD catalogues in the EU ...

1 Nov 2016 ... Origin of films in Transactional and Subscription VOD catalogues in the EU. – A sample study ... Non-European. #. Age brackets (years). 91. 123. CZ_Megogo_Catalogue. --total films-- ... 28 Mac & Devin Go to High School. US.


Galin Krešimir, Аrchaeological finidings of musical instruments in Yugoslavia 123-146, Narodna Umjetnost, 2nd. Special Edition, Zagreb 1988. Галайская 1986.

New Design of the KIRAMS-13 Cyclotron for Regional ... - CERN

cyclotron for regional cyclotron center needed to be good performance, reliable ... That is reason to increase a baby cyclotron market. The Korea Institute of ...

The CMS Collaboration (2011) - CERN Open Data

Walter; Mikulec, Ivan; Pernicka, Manfred; Rahbaran, Babak; Rohringer, ... Nicolas; Crucy, Shannon; Dildick, Sven; Lellouch, Jérémie; Salva Diblen, Sinem.

Effects of CM and DM noise propagation in LV distribution ... - CERN

The CM and DM propagation as well as the cross-conversion ... u rre n t - [d. B. ] CM Gain - Voltage. CM Gain - Current. Figure 8: CM to CM transfer functions.

TPC Electronics: Status and Plan - Indico

6 Jun 2018 ... Jun 6, 2018. sPHENIX Collaboration meeting. 9. SAMPA chips. ΣFADC for 55Fe (Ar CO2, GEM). 5.9keV. 2.9keV. Artifact by one pad hit. Small- ...