List of recognised research entities - European Commission

The European Organisation for Research and ... EU strategies and trends unit ... Rijeka. Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Rijeka. Ekonomski ...

List of recognised research entities - European Commission - Srodni dokumenti

List of recognised research entities - European Commission

The European Organisation for Research and ... EU strategies and trends unit ... Rijeka. Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Rijeka. Ekonomski ...

List of European entities of Mondelēz International, Inc Group of ...

Radnička cesta 80, 10000 Zagreb, Hrvatska. Mondelez Europe Services GmbH - Podruznica ... Domaniewska 49. Mondelez Europe Services GmbH (Spółka z.

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27 Mar 2018 ... Brest(France), Zadar (Croatia) and Modena (Italy) are currently ... It is generally accepted, that intermetallics in particular low cost FeAl offer ...

Research & Innovation Projects CALLS 2014 - European Commission


List of Participants - European Commission

Elizabeta. Conference of European Churches. Executive Secretary, Human Rights ... VIDOVIĆ. Lora. European Network of National Human Rights. Institutions.

EUROPEAN COMMISSION List 6 Third countries' competent bodies ...

2018年10月24日 ... Av. Vicuña Mackenna № 4860,. Comuna de Macul,. Santiago, Región. Metropolitana, Chile. 3. VINOLAB LTDA. Camino Antiguo a Valparaíso,.

List of EU air carriers holding an active ... - European Commission

27 Jan 2017 ... HR-42000 VARAŽDIN, Svilarska 2 passengers, cargo, mail. B. 27/10/2009 ... Deutsche Zeppelin-Reederei GmbH. Messestraße 132, 88046 ...

List of beneficiaries of direct grants 2011 - European Commission

Name: Danish Nature Agency. To the attention of: Kare Svarre Jakobsen. Address: Harsgalde 53 ... Town: Zagreb. Country: Croatia. II.2.2) INFORMATION ON ...

List of beneficiaries of direct grants 2017 - European Commission


Counterfeit and Piracy Watch List 2018 - European Commission

7 Dec 2018 ... they want to download, click on the torrent file or the magnet link ... is one of the BitTorrent indexing websites responding to take down ...

List of natural mineral waters recognised by Member ... - EUR-Lex

29 Oct 2013 ... Lipički Studenac. Antunovo vrelo. Lipik. Studenac. Grófova vrela. Lipik. List of natural mineral waters from third countries recognised by Croatia.

List of supervised entities - SI and LSI - ECB Banking Supervision

Nova Kreditna Banka Maribor d.d.. Slovenia ... ABC International Bank plc, Zweigniederlassung Frankfurt am Main abcbank ... Lietuvos centrinė kredito unija.

List of supervised entities (as of 1 August 2019) - ECB Banking ...

Nova Kreditna Banka Maribor d.d.. Slovenia. 108 ... Branch. ABC International Bank plc, Zweigniederlassung Frankfurt am Main ... Jungtinė centrinė kredito unija.

List of supervised entities (as of 1 October 2019) - ECB Banking ...

Nova Kreditna Banka Maribor d.d.. Slovenia. 110 ... Branch. ABC International Bank plc, Zweigniederlassung Frankfurt am Main ... Jungtinė centrinė kredito unija.

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10 Feb 1999 ... 10 Alpe-Adria-Tag (The Alpes – Adria day):. BG/ BRG Sankt Martiner Strasse 7, Villach. 43 4242 56305-0. 11 Persoenlichkeit, Sprache und ...

Euro area fiscal stance - European Commission - European Union

A desirable fiscal stance from the stabilisation point of view is assumed to be one that ensures certain degrees of output gap closure in 2016-17. The paper uses ...

Title Page layout - European Commission - European Union

Crna Gora je mala zemlja u smislu količine otpada koji se generiše, ali postoje veliki ... Kada su cijene sekundarnih materijala dovoljno visoke, zasebno sakupljanje ambalažnog otpada se ... Cezar Montenegro d.o.o. Nikšić –. Reciklažni ...

Taxation Trends Report - European Commission - European Union

'Taxation trends in the European Union' is available in English only. The publication ... Changes in tax benefits for assisted areas and the City of Vukovar. Rate increase ... Reduced VAT rate of 13 % applies additionally to car seats for children,.

case study styria - European Commission - European Union

Figure 1.3 - GVA, produced by the manufacturing sector in Styria in 2004 ... promising new sector allowing Styria to catch up in regional economic growth and ...

Creating digital strategies - European Commission - European Union

Addressing these issues lies at the core of PES digital strategies. Digital becomes increasingly ... to be that extreme in short notice, most publications agree that automation will ... Zagreb: Ministry of Public Administration. • Moore, M. H. (1995).

modern retail study - European Commission - European Union

Figure 92: Growth in discount store outlets in the EU 27 (national level) - CAGR ... 1.1.

JRC Annual Report 2010 - European Commission - European Union

30 Nov 2009 ... In this 2010 annual report, you will see solid examples of ... year 2010 has already seen many examples of this, as ... CRNA GORA. BOSNA I.

report of the european anti-fraud office - European Commission

1 Jan 2007 ... In 2007, OLAF provided assistance to five joint customs operations ... Chart 21 shows the corresponding information for the three candidate countries: Turkey, Croatia and ... achievements of the previous fraud proofing approach (2002-2007) ... Progress was made in developing new tools and techniques to ...

English Style Guide - European Commission - European Union

12 Dec 2019 ... Bjelovar-Bilogora County ... Valstybės žinios and contains, inter alia, public procurement notices (calls for tender), ... vehicle identification.

hungary's national report - European Commission - European Union

HU-GO e-toll collection system. ▫ provision of E-ticket services (road use authorisation for the express roads in. Hungary, which can also be purchased using ...

Roma Health Report - European Commission - European Union

Mapping practices in data collection on Roma health status . ... ... 38 European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia Breaking the barriers — Romani.

blind-spot mirrors - European Commission - European Union

view blind spot mirrors, though it was not predicted to be cost effective for light ... The original intention had been to be able to sub-divide category N2 into those with a ... HG. V s re giste re d. EU. -1. 5. ('0. 0. 0 s). Year. Predicted (O'Brien, 2004).

science education - European Commission - European Union

OF THE EXPERT GROUP ON SCIENCE EDUCATION ... KI-NA-26-893-EN-N ... Experts refer to this as 'responsible research and innovation', the process of ...

for Dairy Products - European Commission - European Union

19 Apr 2018 ... [email protected]. Belgium. @EDA_Dairy. Product Environmental Footprint Category Rules for Dairy Products. Prepared by the Technical ...

Corridor descriptions - European Commission - European Union

Members: Ports of Trieste, Venice, Koper, Rijeka, Ravenna ... Prototyping, testing, renewed authorisation for placing in service ... 2010-EU-21105-S MIELE. 4.

Europass e-portfolio - European Commission - European Union

Online Editor, which allows end-users to create and download a Europass CV, ... Tracker), along with other Europass web-based tools (e.g. the Online Editor, ...

European Innovation Scoreboard - European Commission - Europa

EU average, Serbia and Turkey are Moderate Innovators, and the Former. Yugoslav ... Policy Group (EPG)'s Subgroup on Innovation, a presentation at the. European ... World Economic Forum includes an indicator that provides a measure.

benosh_final report_DEF - European Commission - European Union

Social Europe e-newsletter at ... Sümelahti, J., Bjürström, L., Kupi, E., What are the costs of absenteeism, in Economics of ...

CoolHeating deliverables - European Commission - European Union

21 Dec 2018 ... After the opening presentations, Borna Doračić from UNIZAG FSB ... right Slobodan Jerotic, Dusan Kostadinovic, Slavisa Kostadinovic, Budimir.

European equality law review - European Commission - Europa EU

the Zagreb-based NGO Centre for Peace Studies in cooperation with the Office of ... instructor with the Benefit Enterprise of the Municipality of Oropos (KEDO).

MARPOL Annex VI - European Commission - European Union

1 Jun 2011 ... MARPOL. Annex VI – prevention of air pollution from ships. “Clean air at sea – promoting solutions for sustainable and competitive shipping”.

European Gender Equality Law Review - European Commission

24 Oct 2010 ... manager of the retail chain Interspaar) guilty of the crime of violating the right to work and the crime of lustful acts because he harassed one of ...

E-commerce statistics for - European Commission - European Union

30 Jan 2020 ... Furthermore,. 35 % of e-buyers made purchases from sellers in other EU countries, compared with 29 % in 2014. E-commerce statistics for ...

Legal framework - European Commission - European Union

124 Interview with Mrs. Silvija Trgovec and Mrs. Tanja Vlašić, The Office of the ... 128 Interview with Mrs. Dubravka Rogić-Hadžalić, the Croatian Bureau of Statistics, ... Please indicate your religious affiliation (answering is voluntary)'.

Europe 2020 - European Commission - European Union

3 Mar 2010 ... stream lined national reform program m es including inform ation on growth bottlenecks and progress towards the targets, followed by policy ...

Feasibility study on - European Commission - European Union

soon as there are enough cars with GPS/Floating Car Technology, mobile positioning data may become ... Kencl, L. 2012. Inter-Call Mobility Model: A Spatio-temporal ... (

Europe's Future - European Commission - European Union

14 Sep 2012 ... identified by Van Ark et al. (2008) to be pre-crisis ... the educational system in Europe has begun to evolve to provide ... to a large extent, the survival prospects of future ... tool dat data86 uses a bit-torrent like protocol to allow.

ресурсна ефективност - European Commission - European Union

Страница 1 |. 1. ВЪВЕДЕНИЕ ... Страница 2 | на ресурсите и ... Фигура 5 — Общи приходи от екологични данъци и вноски за социално осигуряване (с.

Final Report - European Commission - European Union

Figure 18 Commercial activity (Q7) . ... Source: Q7 (n=6,000). Finally ... I mean it would be good if I scanned it and then I could see the website of the brand. I ...

Future of Europe - European Commission - European Union

7 Nov 2018 ... 1. Questions from the Citizens' Panel. • This first set of questions has been drafted by a panel of citizens which were invited by the European ...

pes business models - European Commission - European Union

10. Figure 1 - PES sources of finance, 2010. Source: European Commission, PES business model questionnaire, 2011. Human resources. PES were asked to ...

Regions in the European Union - European Commission - Europa

The Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics (NUTS) was drawn up by Eurostat decades ago in order to provide a breakdown of the economic territory of ...

port labour in the eu - European Commission - European Union

8 Jan 2013 ... 9.2.3. Labour market . ... 17 See Art. 1, 3° of the Codex for the General Register in the port of ... considers this a practice worthy of the Mafia.

European Heritage Label - European Commission - Europa EU

2 Dec 2015 ... Industrial Heritage of the City of Rijeka, RIJEKA (CROATIA) . ... Ventos or “Compass Rose”; and a fortress built at ... Its founders, Henri La.

'Controller' and 'Processor' - European Commission - European Union

16 Feb 2010 ... managed from Canada in co-operation with national anti-doping ... 3: Company referred to as data processor but acting as controller. Company ...

Novice Drivers - European Commission - European Union

Novice Drivers. - 4 -. 1 Overview. Traffic crashes are the single greatest killer of 15 to 24 year olds in the EU, and, although data are not always available, the ...

Selection of the European Capital of Culture - European Commission

builds heavily on heritage, notably the 19th century Bishop Strossmayer, religious culture in general ... the context of the bid. The phrase “pizza-cut tourism” was.

Commission Regulation (EC) - European Commission

SLAVONSKO SRIJEMSKI PODOLAC. 94. SMEÐA. 08. ŠKOTSKO VISINSKO GOVEDO. 13. In the case of a crossbreed dam or sire, add an 'X' to the code.

ICT & Ageing - European Commission - European Union

The Benefits Improvement and Protection Act of 2000 (BIPA) removed some of the prior constraints, yet maintained substantial limitations related to geographic ...

Internal benchmarking in European PES - European Commission

Internal benchmarking in European PES. 14. 2019. 2016. 2017. 2018. 2019 ... You can download or order free and priced EU publications from EU Bookshop at:.

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verzija na engleskom jesiku ima prednost. Verzija 2. (2018): 15.12.2017 ... Aktivnostima mobilnosti trebali bi se ostvariti sljedeći rezultati u odnosu na osoblje, ... Austrija, Belgija, Njemačka, Francuska, Italija, Grčka, Španjolska, Cipar, ... koja redovito organiziraju međunarodni, europski ili nacionalni sportski savezi/lige;.

Regions in the European Union - European Commission

The Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics (NUTS) was drawn up by Eurostat decades ago in order to provide a breakdown of the economic territory of ...

on European Gas Markets - European Commission - Europa

21 Dec 2017 ... low storage levels, continuing coal-to gas switching, rising oil and coal prices, cooling ... Increasing European hub prices were instrumental in.

Croatia - European Commission - European Union

7 Mar 2018 ... total factor productivity remain low, especially for a catching-up economy. ... 0. 5. 10. 15. 20. % of GDP. HR. Peer average (simple). Min. Max ...