Aerial-ground robotic system for autonomous delivery ... - IEEE Xplore

Barbara Arbanas, Antun Ivanovic, Marko Car, Tomislav Haus, Matko Orsag, Tamara Petrovic, Stjepan Bogdan. Abstract—In this paper we present a study of a ...

Aerial-ground robotic system for autonomous delivery ... - IEEE Xplore - Srodni dokumenti

Aerial-ground robotic system for autonomous delivery ... - IEEE Xplore

Barbara Arbanas, Antun Ivanovic, Marko Car, Tomislav Haus, Matko Orsag, Tamara Petrovic, Stjepan Bogdan. Abstract—In this paper we present a study of a ...

Sensors for Robotic Hands: A Survey of State-of-the-Art - IEEE Xplore

authors applied FlexiForce sensors (Nitta Corp.) on the pads embedded to ... rubber and urethane gel, which was used in [142] in 2008 for shape classification ...

An Extended IEEE 118-Bus Test System With High ... - IEEE Xplore

is based on the transmission representation (buses and lines) of the. IEEE 118-bus test system, with a reconfigured generation represen- tation using three ...

The FPGA System for Evaluation of UWB Wireless ... - IEEE Xplore

Leon Šneler, Tomislav Matić and Irena Galić. Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Information Technology Osijek, Croatia [email protected].

An Expandable IoT-Based Smart Socket System - IEEE Xplore

12 Oct 2018 ... Most commercial smart socket products allow the user to control single-sockets. This paper ... These sensors provide information to auto- matically ... [17] I. Horvat, N. Lukac, R. Pavlovic, and D. Starcevic, ''Smart plug solution.

A Data Usage Control System Using Dynamic Taint ... - IEEE Xplore

Fraunhofer AISEC, Munich, Germany. ∗ [email protected],. † [email protected]. Abstract—Data analytics services are on the ...

Distributed Low Power Wide Area System to Control ... - IEEE Xplore

University of Split [email protected]. Abstract—Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) networks present a new communication paradigm in wireless sensor networks.

Optimal power flow for IEEE 30 and 118-bus systems ... - IEEE Xplore

standard IEEE 30 and 118-bus test power systems. Three functions (Fuel expenses, Total voltage deviation, and Real power loss in transmission) are enhanced ...

Mirko Kovac - IEEE Aerial Robotics and UAVs

Adaptive Morphology for Aerial Robotics. Dr. Mirko Kovac. Aerial Robotics Laboratory at Imperial College London. Robotics at Empa Swiss Material Science ...

autonomous hybrid system for household energy ... - UPCommons

Luka Cindrić – Autonomous hybrid system for household energy supply on island of Rab, Croatia. 1 ... availability, turbine size and height, and blade size.

ZSIs - IEEE Xplore

Abstract—Z-source inverters (ZSIs), compared to the conven- tional two-stage architecture, embrace some interesting features, like the reduced size and ...

Old Age, Divine Age, Why Not? - IEEE Xplore

1 Aug 2019 ... Li Ching-Yuen (Figure 4), who passed away on. 6 May 1933, was a Chinese herbalist, known for his supposed extreme longevity. He claimed ...

ultracamx, the large format digital aerial camera system by ... - isprs

UltraCamX is manufactured by Vexcel Imaging GmbH, Graz, Austria. This company is 100% owned by Microsoft Corp. since May 2006 and contributes to the ...

BitTorrent Darknets - IEEE Xplore

Torrent darknet”) is a collection of torrents that can only be accessed by members of the darknet community. The private. BitTorrent sites also have incentive ...

AMD Fusion™ APU: Llano - IEEE Xplore

Keywords - AMD Fusion, APU, integrated graphics, low-power design, energy-aware systems. Digital Object Indentifier 10.1109/MM.2012.2. 0272-1732/$26.00 ...

Bluetooth Module - IEEE Xplore

[email protected]. Abstract— This project uses some sensors and Arduino to design and implement the Affordable Smart ECG Monitoring. System.

A Heterogeneous 3D-IC Consisting of Two 28 nm ... - IEEE Xplore

Edward Cullen, Daire Breathnach, Denis Keane, Patrick Lynch, Marites De La Torre, Ronnie De La Torre,. Peng Lim, Anthony Collins, Brendan Farley, and Liam ...

Pass the Parcel - IEEE Xplore

One of her series, Painted Music, produced Nights in White Satin (see Figure 2). Even though the im- age is based on the famous Moody Blues tune, Ag-.

Z/sub 2/k-linear codes - IEEE Xplore

Abstmct - we introduce a generalization to zzk of the Gray map and deduce generalized versions of. Kerdock and Delsarte-Goethals codes. I. INTRODUCTION.

the ultracam large format aerial digital camera system -

2) Vexcel Imaging Austria, Graz, Austria [email protected]. ABSTRACT. The race is on to introduce an aerial digital camera system to outperform the current ...

An experiment in using IMUNES and Conpot to ... - IEEE Xplore

9 Feb 2017 ... An Experiment in Using IMUNES and Conpot to. Emulate Honeypot Control Networks. Stipe Kuman, Stjepan Groš, Miljenko Mikuc. University of ...

Cloud gaming in education - IEEE Xplore

Ivan Slivar, Mirko Sužnjević, Lea Skorin-Kapov, Vanja Ilić. University of Zagreb. Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing. Zagreb, Croatia. Abstract— ...

The design and analysis of the pi regulator of three ... - IEEE Xplore

The parameters of dual loop PI regulators have significant influence on the dc-link voltage, AC harmonic components and power factor of three-phase voltage.

Information Needs for Anime Recommendation - IEEE Xplore

Work, Theme, and Genre were the most frequently mentioned features when users described anime they were seeking. Findings also show Audience as an ...


Interlace scan has several obvious artifacts under normal viewing conditions. They are: interline flicker, line crawl, and loss in vertical resolution compared with the ...

Contribution of the PVGIS Website - IEEE Xplore

two points that are often discussed when comparing PVGIS with alternative systems: 1) the uncertainty of solar radiation estimates and 2) PV yield predictions.

The role of telecommunications in development of ... - IEEE Xplore

New-Generation Intelligent Transport Systems. Boris Drilo, Dinko Saric, Renato Filjar. ICT for Government/Enterprise Segment. Ericsson Nikola Tesla d.d..

A review of soft biometrics for IoT - IEEE Xplore

A review of soft biometrics for IoT. Igor Tomicic*, Petra Grd**, Miroslav Baca**. *Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, **Center for Forensics, Biometrics and Privacy.

Definition and acquisition of CM and DM EMI noise for ... - IEEE Xplore

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Blacksburg, VA 24061 USA ... study of CM and DM propagation characteristics of a three- phase diode-front ...

The platform for the content exchange between ... - IEEE Xplore

Department of Informatics, University of Rijeka, Croatia, [email protected]. *** Polytechnic Nikola Tesla, Gospic, Croatia, [email protected].

Design and Implementation of WTB Controller Using ... - IEEE Xplore

The WTB Access IP (Intellectual Property), which is designed in Verilog HDL (Hardware Description Language), achieves the function of Encoding, Decoding, FCS ...

The interconnection between investment in software ... - IEEE Xplore

[email protected]. **University Department of Professional Studies Split. Department of Finance and Accounting [email protected]. Abstract – Nowadays ...

Two years of gamification of the course &#x2014 - IEEE Xplore

25 May 2018 ... e-mail: [email protected]. Abstract - Gamification is used in different levels of education (elementary, high school, university). Many.

A New Run-to-Run Approach for Reducing Contact ... - IEEE Xplore

Edgar Ramirez-Laboreo, Student Member, IEEE, Carlos Sagues, Senior Member, IEEE, and Sergio Llorente. Abstract—Contact bounce is probably the most ...

New generalizations of the Reed-Muller codes--I ... - IEEE Xplore

Abstract-First it is shown that all binary Reed-Muller codes with one digit dropped can be made cyclic by rearranging the digits. Then a natural generalization to ...

Using Moodle in English for Professional Purposes ... - IEEE Xplore

[email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]. Abstract -. This paper discusses ... applications of different Moodle elements in the teaching of. English for ...

Overview of End-to-End Event Chain in Advanced ... - IEEE Xplore

Marko Vulić. RT-RK Institute for Computer ... Valentin T. Popović. RT-RK Automotive. Novi Sad, Serbia v[email protected]. Ivan Kaštelan. University of ...

Exploring the use of computers in classroom teaching - IEEE Xplore

Branka Kontošić, mag.prim.educ. Osnovna škola Šijana. 43. istarske divizije 5, Pula, Hrvatska. E-mail: [email protected]. Alen Kontošić, mag.oec.

A Comparative Study of Subgraph Matching ... - IEEE Xplore

30 Nov 2018 ... The maximum common subgraph [13], edit distance [14] and neighborhood information [15], [16] are often used in approximate graph matching ...

IPv6 Security Threats and Possible Solutions - IEEE Xplore

kresimir.2r2ic(&) ABSTRACT. In comparison to IPv4, IPv6 provides many improvementsconsidering simplicity, routing speed, quality of service and ...

Gender differences in the Internet usage among ... - IEEE Xplore

University of Zagreb, Faculty of Organization and Informatics, Pavlinska 2, Varazdin, [email protected], [email protected]. Abstract.

Garden Tech: Aautomated Farming - IEEE Xplore

Garden Tech: Aautomated Farming. Atif Saeed. Syed Minhaj Ali. Murtaza Rafique. Muhammad Haseeb Marfani. Department of Mechatronics. Engineering.

A wideband fixed-tuned SIS receiver for 200-GHz ... - IEEE Xplore

4, APRIL 1995. 933 ... Cheuk-Yu E. Tong, Member, ZEEE, D. Cosmo Papa, R. Louie Leombruno, ... c 4 40 I. I. I i z -5 1 a v v). 2 -10 t. 5 1. SIS. 10. Junction i. -20 '.

MapReduce research on warehousing of big data - IEEE Xplore

{marina.pticek, boris.vrdoljak} Abstract - The growth of social networks and affordability of various sensing devices has lead to a huge increase of both.

Semantic web technologies and big data warehousing - IEEE Xplore

University of Zagreb Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing. Department for Applied Computing, Zagreb, Croatia. {marina.pticek, boris.vrdoljak}

Modeling the impact of energy efficiency in the ... - IEEE Xplore

electricity consumption of the Brazilian tertiary sector. Bruno Q. Bastos ... Rio de Janeiro, Brazil [email protected]. Giacomo Catenazzi. Martin Jakob.

How Building and District Algorithms Enhance ... - IEEE Xplore

ECOS research group. Catalonia Institute for Energy Research (IREC). Sant Adrià de Besòs, Spain [email protected]. Rafael E. Carrillo. Yves Stauffer. CSEM.

On Resilience of Split-Architecture Networks - IEEE Xplore

In this work we investigate one of the most important practical issues in split architecture deployment, the placement of controllers in a given network. We first ...

Hand shape classification using DTW and LCSS as ... - IEEE Xplore

Ana Kuzmanić*, Vlasta Zanchi*. * Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture/Laboratory for Biomechanics and. Automatic ...

On the feasibility of using Hierarchical Task Networks ... - IEEE Xplore

Also,. JANO performs an instantiation of the Management Orchestrator of Network Functions Virtualization to provide flexibility and workability in the generation ...

Google searches and Gasoline prices - IEEE Xplore

Milan Bašta. Department of Statistics and Probability. Faculty of Informatics and Statistics. University of Economics. Prague, Czech Republic [email protected].

Advancing Technology in Upgrading or Replacing ... - IEEE Xplore

18 Oct 2019 ... David B. Durocher , Senior Member, IEEE, and Matthew R. Hussey , Member, IEEE. Abstract—Low-voltage motor control centers (LV MCCs) ...

Impact of Geomagnetic Storm on GPS Positioning ... - IEEE Xplore

Corresponding author: Mr Nenad Sikirica, MSc El Eng MRIN (e-mail: [email protected]). Abstract—Modern society and economy rely upon satellite navigation ...

Frame pruning for speaker recognition - IEEE Xplore

LINCERI. 339, chemin des Meinajaries BP 1228. 849 1 1 Avignon Cedex 9 (France). (1aurent.besacierjean-francois.bonastre) ABSTRACT.

Education in science literacy outside the classroom ... - IEEE Xplore

24 May 2019 ... Radovan Vrana. Department for information sciences,. Faculty of humanities and social sciences, University of Zagreb [email protected]. Abstract ...

Combining photogrammetry, 3D modeling and real ... - IEEE Xplore

Email: [email protected]. Abstract—The fast popularization of virtual reality equipment has brought unrivalled convenience and entertainment experience.

Application of E-diary to analyze the effectiveness of ... - IEEE Xplore

The half-year since the e-diary has been introduced in our school in the Kossuth Lajos Bilingual Technical Secondary School, gave many experiences and ...

Automation of the tutoring process in online ... - IEEE Xplore

environments through the analitycs of learning. Fredys A. Simanca H. Facultad de Ingenierías, Ingeniería de Sistemas –. Docente Investigador. Universidad ...

New Designs of Linear Observers and Observer ... - IEEE Xplore

25 Oct 2018 ... (Corresponding autor: Zoran. Gajic.) The authors are with the Electrical and Computer Engineering, Rut- gers University, New Brunswick NJ ...

SCNet: A simplified encoder-decoder CNN for ... - IEEE Xplore

Abstract—We present a simplified and novel fully convolu- tional neural network (CNN) architecture for semantic pixel- wise segmentation named as SCNet.